Travel Hacking & Flying Free To Exotic Places

travel hacking credit cardsAlmost each airline and key credit card has shopping portals that lead to your favored online retailer. There is, however, a whole other level of travel hacking, and it’s focused on manufactured spend”, which signifies you charge issues (say gift cards) on your credit card that can then be converted into cash (say by buying a cash order which you then use to spend your credit card bill).

Currently, there are not any affiliate hyperlinks on the website but if I can get accepted into the credit card affiliate applications, that’d almost certainly be the greatest way to monetize it. The credit card affiliate programs are notoriously tough to get into although so that could not be an hacking credit cards

You register for Redbird and use the credit card to purchase $2K worth of pin-based present cards, load the gift cards (transfer their balance) to the Redbird account at Target, then in a couple of days login on the internet to Redbird and use most of that cash to pay the bill of the credit card paying bills on-line from Redbird is the same process as performing so from your checking account.

I agree that $500 is nothing to sneeze at. You sound like you happen to be exactly where I am in getting interested in employing travel rewards but not really certain how to best do it. I’ve learned a lot considering that doing our tiny experiment and have a follow up post tentatively scheduled for subsequent week with a wonderful resource that may support.

Certain rewards programs are not tied to a single distinct airline or hotel system (these are Chase Ultimate Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest/AMEX, AMEX Membership Rewards and Citi Thank You Rewards) if you get credit cards with these programs and combine them with the credit cards for the airline/hotel, then you can boost your earnings.