Study Travel Writing & Photography In Borneo

photography tripsYou could go alone to New Zealand, Mexico, Cuba, or wherever your wanderlust takes you, and bring your camera along for the trip – hope to stumble upon the ‘photographic’ spots, and take some pictures you believe may possibly be good. The focus is on helping you increase your wildlife photography skills such as: suitable composition and exposure, when to use diverse camera focus modes, extended lens and tripod methods, lens selection, animal behavior as nicely as expanding your creativity.

The Greater Yellowstone ecosystem continues to fuel my passion for photography and the natural planet, providing a new tableau day-to-day A nationally published specialist photographer, my perform has been featured in Life, Outside, and Sports Illustrated magazines, to name but a couple of.

With a photography island-hopping adventure timed to coincide with the autumnal glow of the heather, landscape photographer Steve Walton will be assisting to pinpoint the ideal spots for inspiring shots of the dynamic landscapes and consistently shifting light on the islands of Harris, Lewis, Wonderful Bernera (such as the mystical standing stones of Callanish) and Scalpay.

As for people who want to take stunning, artistic, maybe even magazine good quality images but cannot afford an expensive SLR camera, there are several digital photography tips for a point and shoot camera that can support capture remarkable images.

It was crucial to me that if I was going to invest the money and time to do this, that I find an instructor who was interested in how/what we had been understanding, rather than taking us to a quite spot and then going off to do his personal trips