8 Credit Card Methods Of Frequent Flier Mile Pros

travel hacking best credit cardsOne particular of our goals for our first year after Peace Corps was to take two international trips utilizing frequent flyer miles, and I am pleased to announce that we succeeded! It does make me a little nervous to start simply because we will be applying for a new mortgage in the next couple of years and i never want to jeopardize anything, nevertheless, if we can save money on travel and bank that income it would mean a bigger down payment (we travel a lot so our children can see their grandparents).

You have to do hundreds of surveys, fly lots of hours, and endure the pain of the complete airport encounter just to earn miles as quickly and simply as making use of your very good credit to rack up miles in huge chunks of 50,000 and a lot more per application.

His weblog, and particularly his Frequent Flyer Master guide , helped me understand that a complete globe of travel was open to us. I found out that some folks are earning a million frequent flyer miles a year, jetting about to dozens of international destinations on a standard basis.

Then right after as whilst, when it becomes clear that earning a big quantity of points (100,000+ per year is not unreasonable) is rather simple, the focus tends to shift towards flying very first class, staying in swanky hotels and ultimately making your travel experience as enjoyable and relaxing as achievable.travel hacking best credit cards

As I was reading it, it was like going through a mental checklist of all the techniques to save cash on travel that I’ve been meaning to write about myself on I’m pretty experienced in this topic, so I can tell you with self-assurance that he did not leave much excellent info out.…