How We Collected two.5 Million Miles

travel hacking credit cardsWe all know these factors are possible – but for decades they’ve been reserved for the travel elite. We each and every applied for International Hotel Group (IHG) Rewards Club cards simply because we knew Vacation Inn Express would be a excellent alternative in New York City, with constructive on the web testimonials and free breakfast — a enormous funds-saver for a household of 4.

We earn miles/points on our purchases and are members of the numerous airline alliances and normally manage to use the miles to get a single of our tickets cost-free when we travel and makes those far-away destinations so considerably much more doable but absolutely nothing to the extent you are describing!

I also live a quite frugal life-style and the limits are hard for me to make as effectively, but I am in a profession exactly where I have to travel from time to time and my firm needs that I book hotels, rental automobiles and flights myself for later reimbursement.

For instance, we each work complete time and take a lot of vacations by adding time to organization travel This means our airfare is typically paid for by our organizations, so hotel points are the most valuable to us. Which travel rewards credit cards you choose will be primarily based on your travel hacking credit cards

US authorities, right me if I’m wrong, but I believe the exact same principle applies for travel hacking in the US. Confident, taxes may be reduced, but free of charge indicates no cash at all and from what I’ve seen, that is practically nothing more than a travel hacking dream.